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Deciding to divorce your spouse is one of the most difficult things you can do-and the decision leaves you with a lot of uncertainties: Will your spouse pay child support? Are you entitled to alimony? A divorce attorney can help you navigate these questions without worry. Residents in Palatine, IL turn to the Law Firm of Duane St. Pierre, PC when they need help filing for divorce.

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Do you really need a divorce attorney?

Do you really need a divorce attorney?

Some people think that bringing a divorce attorney into negotiations will make things more hostile, but this isn't necessarily true. A good attorney will negotiate for you without escalating disputes. A divorce attorney will also...

  • Keep divorce negotiations rational and civil instead of emotional
  • Ensure that you don't make any mistakes when negotiating
  • Help you understand your options in different types of divorce disputes

Attorney St. Pierre will do everything possible to make things easier for you during this difficult time for your family. Make an appointment with a family attorney in Palatine, IL today.