I would highly recommend Mr. St. Pierre above all attorney's I have met. He is the most rational prospective attorney I have ever met.

I personally endorse Duane St. Pierre as a divorce attorney who I have consulted on legal matters and referred a client to, who was very satisfied with his representation of her in a divorce proceeding. Duane is a very conscientious person. On top of his game at all times. Deep thinker and follows through on all his work in a timely fashion. I recommend him.

I recently went through the hardest experience of my life. It's very hard to describe the stress and worry that goes thru you as a father during a divorce and custody battle. Mine went on for a year and a half. Mr. Duane St. Pierre helped me get justice for my children and myself. I'm completely happy with the outcome of my case. He's very experienced, completely professional, and handled my case with a subtle cleverness and understanding. Everything that was thrown out by opposing council he knew exactly when and how to counter. If you're looking for someone that knows this child custody arena, please contact Mr. St. Pierre.

Duane St. Pierre has been forward and honest about my case. He has presented all possible outcomes and has let me choose which one I feel worked for me. He has been very efficient in the work he does reducing my cost where he can. He has always worked or returned calls in a timely fashion. I've been very impressed with the representation of this attorney and would hire and recommend him.

Duane provided guidance and sound advice regarding my case, he was straightforward and presented options as to how to resolve the issues. Duane's goal is to obtain the best possible outcome in all of his cases, always taking into consideration what is best for his client, or the children (if there are any). Duane is knowledgeable and represents his clients vigorously, while taking into consideration the merits of each case. I would highly recommend Duane, as he always has the best interests of his client as his primary concern

Duane is great. He does what he says and tells it the way it is. He is not the attorney that tells you what you want to hear only to back track after the fact. If you are ready for the cold hard facts... he's your man.

Duane is a very conscientious person. On top of his game at all times. Deep thinker and follows though on all of his work in a timely fashion. I recommend him as a friend and client.